The Flash Movie to Include 2 Characters Who Had Major Arrowverse Roles

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It has been revealed that Patty Spivot and Albert Desmond, two significant Arrowverse characters from Grant Gustin’s DC series, will be recast in Ezra Miller’s The Flash film.

As the premiere of The Flash draws nearer, promotion for the film has been more intense, featuring everything from a longer look at Jesse Eisenberg’s Barry Allen and Keirsey Clemons’ Iris West to the unexpected identity of its primary antagonist.

The release of the movie will come weeks after fans saying the Arrowverse farewell with The Flash Season 9’s season finale on May 24.

The Flash Movie To Include 2 Significant Characters from the Arrowverse

In order to establish that two characters from the Arrowverse have been recast in the Ezra Miller-led picture, Warner Bros. Discovery has released two new stills for The Flash.

In this official still, from the film, Saoirse-Monica Jackson’s Patty Spivot, Albert Desmond, and Miller’s Barry Allen can all be seen.

Warner Bros.

In Season 3 of The CW’s The Flash, Tom Felton, a Harry Potter alum, played the role of Albert Desmond, which is now played by Rudy Mancuso.

Warner Bros., The CW

Felton played Dr. Julian Albert Desmond in the Arrowverse series, a historian and former crime scene investigator (CSI) for the Central City Police Department (CCPD). Due to Flashpoint’s circumstances, the persona worked as Barry Allen’s senior lab tech.

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Julian Albert joined Barry and subsequently became a prominent member of Team Flash after first being mind-controlled by Savitar to become Dr. Alchemy.

Meanwhile, Saoirse-Monica Jackson portrays Patty Spivot, an Arrowverse character who was played by Shantel VanSanten in CW’s The Flash Season 2.

Warner Bros., The CW

Barry Allen’s love interest and former CCPD police detective Patty Spivot played by VanSanten in the Arrowverse.

Spivot and Barry were dating in Season 2, but their relationship ended after the former discovered that the latter was keeping something from her. When the Scarlet Speedster ran to help Spivot, the DC hero let her go and they parted ways, proving that Barr was the Flash.

What Are Patty & Albert’s Roles in The Flash?

Although Patty Spivot and Albert Desmond’s exact roles in The Flash are uncertain, this new official still seems to imply that they will be very different from their equivalents in the Arrowverse.

There’s a good likelihood that Desmond played by Mancuso and Spivot by Jackson are Barry Allen’s coworkers in the CCPD’s crime scene investigation division.

Given that Iris West, played by Kiersey Clemons, appears in the film, it is unclear if Spivot will serve as Barry’s love interest opposite Miller’s Barry. Spivot, on the other hand, may serve as Barry’s closest buddy in the film and offer him guidance on Iris.

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