Fandango Names Deadpool 3 2024’s Most Anticipated Film

Fandango Names Deadpool 3 2024's Most Anticipated Film

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According to Fandango, Deadpool 3 tops the list of the most eagerly awaited movies of 2024. Fandango surveyed over 80,000 ticket buyers to compile its list of the Top 10 Most Anticipated 2024 Movies, and the MCU’s only release of the year came out on top.

The survey revealed that 88% of ticket buyers plan to see multiple films in 2024, while 71% are planning to watch movies in premium formats like IMAX and Dolby. Additionally, more than 80% of the respondents stated that they are more excited to go to the theaters in the coming year than they were in 2023.

“2023 was a monumental year for moviegoers and theaters alike, with blockbusters like Barbie, Oppenheimer, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and many more uniting audiences of all ages to experience brilliant stories on the big screen,” said Erik Davis, Fandango Managing Director. “The new year is looking to bring even more people back into theaters through returning franchises such as Deadpool, Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice, and Despicable Me, beloved reimagined stories like Mean Girls and Wicked Part 1, and highly anticipated action blockbusters like Dune: Part Two and A Quiet Place: Day One.”

The top ten list is dominated by sequels and a prequel. The five most anticipated movies on the list are Deadpool 3, Beetlejuice 2, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, Dune: Part Two, and Venom 3. Deadpool 3 is also ranked as the most highly anticipated superhero movie. Fans are eager to see Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool on the big screen in 2024, as they are the first and second most anticipated heroes respectively.

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Below you will find the full list of Fandango’s rankings.

2024’s Most Anticipated Wide-Release Films:

  1. Deadpool 3
  2. Beetlejuice 2
  3. Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire
  4. Dune: Part Two
  5. Venom 3
  6. Despicable Me 4
  7. Inside Out 2
  8. Lord of the Rings: The War of Rohirrim
  9. Gladiator 2
  10. A Quiet Place: Day One

Most Anticipated New Performances on the Big Screen:

  1. Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn in Joker: Folie à Deux
  2. Jenna Ortega in Beetlejuice 2
  3. Ariana Grande as Glinda in Wicked Part 1
  4. Chris Pratt as Garfield’ in the new Garfield Movie
  5. Pedro Pascal in Gladiator 2

Most Anticipated Heroes:

  1. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Deadpool 3
  2. Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson in Deadpool 3
  3. Steve Carell as Gru in Despicable Me 4
  4. Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock in Venom 3
  5. Jack Black as Po in Kung Fu Panda 4

Most Anticipated Villains:

  1. Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice in Beetlejuice 2
  2. Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn in Joker: Folie à Deux
  3. Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck in Joker: Folie à Deux
  4. The Aliens from A Quiet Place: Day One
  5. Austin Butler as Feyd-Rautha in Dune: Part Two

Most Anticipated Action/Adventure (Non-Superhero) Movies:

  1. Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire
  2. Dune: Part Two
  3. Lord of the Rings: The War of Rohirrim
  4. Gladiator 2
  5. A Quiet Place: Day One

Most Anticipated Family Movies:

  1. Despicable Me 4
  2. Inside Out 2
  3. Kung Fu Panda 4
  4. Mufasa: The Lion King
  5. Garfield

Most Anticipated Comedies:

  1. Beetlejuice 2
  2. Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire
  3. Bad Boys 4
  4. Mean Girls
  5. Wicked Part 1