The Marvels’ Binary Twist Revealed: X-Men Post-Credits Explained

The Marvels' Binary Twist Revealed: X-Men Post-Credits Explained

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Binary, a character who is both new and recognizable in multiple ways, appeared in the Marvels’ post-credits scene that featured some X-Men.

Teyonah Parris’s character Monica Rambeau, in the opening scene, awakens in a separate universe to find a Lashana Lynch-played variant of her mother, Maria Rambeau.

Nevertheless, Lynch’s character isn’t Monica’s mother in this MCU universe. Instead, she’s a superhero known as Binary, as X-Men’s Beast (another massive post-credits bombshell) states:

“All we know is that Binary found you. My theory? You somehow crossed through a tear in space-time. You are now in a reality parallel to your own. Which, of course, is impossible.”

The Marvels' Binary Twist Revealed: X-Men Post-Credits Explained

Who Is Binary in The Marvels' X-Men Post-Credits Scene?

Binary is actually Carol Danvers’ alter persona in Marvel Comics, not Maria Rambeau.

Carol develops stellar powers, which are characterized as limitless cosmic energy manifesting as heat, light, and radiation, after her encounter with the X-Men led to her being captured, tortured, and experimented on.

She also adorns a bright white costume with twin stars, identical to the one Binary (played by Lashana Lynch) wears in the post-credits sequence of The Marvels.

The Marvels' Binary Twist Revealed: X-Men Post-Credits Explained

It’s difficult to predict how different or similar Binary will be to her comic book persona, though, given that this is the MCU and Binary is now Maria rather than Carol, especially since Carol never officially joined the X-Men.

The fact that this Binary is using both of the Quantum Bands—the same bracelets that Ms. Marvel wore and that functioned as the movie’s MacGuffin—should also be noted.

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Does this imply that her skill set will combine elements from Kamala Khan and the comics?

It’s unclear when viewers might anticipate seeing more of the X-Men, Binary, and Monica Rambeau. But Deadpool 3, which is already known to include mutants and the Multiverse, is the best and earliest option.

Marvel Studios' Other Plan For Lashana Lynch's Binary

The Marvels' Binary Twist Revealed: X-Men Post-Credits Explained

It seems that Marvel Studios has a bigger story for Maria Rambeau, which includes Lashana Lynch’s casting as Binary.

Not only did Lynch portray Maria on Earth-616 and now Binary, but she also portrayed Captain Marvel on Earth-838 and an original Illuminati member in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Furthermore noteworthy is the statement made by Brie Larson’s character Carol Danvers to Maria in The Marvels: It should have been her. She should’ve been the one to become Captain Marvel.

As Maria Rambeau appears as a superhero in every other universe and/or timeframe save Earth-616, it’s possible that Carol was correct.

If so, fans can probably anticipate that when Binary and Monica return to the MCU, that will be part of their journey.

The Marvels is currently showing in theaters.