The CW’s Arrowverse Finale Gets Exciting Update from Showrunner

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Eric Wallace, the creator of The Flash, hinted at interesting developments in the forthcoming Arrowverse finale on The CW.

The popular Arrowverse series, The Flash, is making every effort to produce an outstanding season as it nears its conclusion. The Arrowverse will eventually reach a satisfying conclusion, as The CW previously teased in a grand four-part finale.

In fact, the first segment of that suspenseful finale was able to settle a significant Season 1 cliffhanger for The Flash, and the series finale will undoubtedly feature a returning (and important) guest actor.

The Flash Showrunner Hypes Up Arrowverse Finale

The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace spoke with Entertainment Weekly before the WGA’s writers’ strike to talk about what would happen in the forthcoming Arrowverse finale.

Wallace said that he was “very proud” of The Flash Season 9, adding that he couldn’t wait for viewers to watch the finale since it features some of the cast’s “greatest performances ever”:

“I’m very proud of the whole season, but boy, I can’t wait for the fans to see these last episodes. I can’t wait to unleash them on the world. We have some people that have been with the show since day one, and they gave their greatest performances ever.”

Wallace continued by saying that the culmination of The Flash’s four-part finale, which is also known as the Arrowverse’s farewell, is “just a labor of love all around,” and he gave a shout-out to the diligent cast and crew that worked so hard behind the scenes:

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“It’s just a labor of love all around. The crew, cast, writers, directors, everybody, it’s the hardest we’ve ever worked. Not that we haven’t had even bigger episodes because certainly a crossover is bigger, but the commitment to excellence that everybody was bringing with knowing that these were the last batch of Flash episodes was unmatched.”

The showrunner concluded by expressing his regret at leaving his The Flash family:

“We were a family. I’m going to miss my Flash family.”

In honor of the finale, Entertainment Weekly has revealed a final poster:

The CW

In addition to Rick Cosnett’s Cobalt Blue and Teddy Sears’ Zoom, Savitar, and Godspeed, set images showed that Tom Cavanagh’s Reverse Flash will also make a comeback in the season finale.

Predicting How The Flash Ends

Eric Wallace, the creator of The Flash, recently affirmed that the Arrowverse’s unique conclusion will finish on a “positive, high note,” possibly implying that there won’t be any significant Team Flash fatalities.

Given that Barry Allen, played by Grant Gustin, has already endured a lot of hardship in previous seasons, this is a promising development.

Given that the focus of the first two parts of the Arrowverse finale was Iris West-Allen’s pregnancy, it’s conceivable that the final part may conclude with Barry’s wife giving birth, so fulfilling the show’s promise of a happy ending.

Wallace also hinted that the show’s finale will honor “[its] legacy,” suggesting that it may all come down to revealing Nora and Bart Allen’s unborn children.

Naturally, Iris having Nora must occur immediately after Team Flash battles Cobalt Blue and the army of demonic speedsters that he is predicted to assemble from throughout time.

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Overall, The Flash’s last episode is geared up to center on an all-out battle for the timeline while also introducing the following speedsters who will work with the title character to defend Central City.

On May 24, The CW will air the final episode of The Flash.

Watch the finale trailer below.

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