Secret Invasion Full Cast: Every Actor & Character From The Marvel Disney+ Show

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The ensemble of Secret Invasion, the newest Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) series on Disney+, is poised to excel in their roles as recognizable Marvel characters.

With Secret Invasion, Marvel Studios hopes to bring to life one of Marvel Comics’ most epic sagas, highlighting the Skrulls’ mission to conquer Earth as they look for a new home in space.

The series will also include one of the most famous casts in the MCU’s history, the majority of whom were thrust into the spotlight as soon as the program’s eagerly anticipated debut on Disney+ took place.

Secret Invasion Full Cast: every MCU actor

20 actors have already been confirmed by Marvel Studios to appear in the newest Secret Invasion Disney+ series.

The principal actors in this series are listed below, along with the roles that several of them have already been confirmed to play:

1.) Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury

Samuel L. Jackson now takes on his first main role as the protagonist of Secret Invasion, his MCU-record 12th appearance. This program will mostly be a Nick Fury adventure as the former SHIELD director visits Earth in an effort to unravel the Skrulls’ scheme to rule over his planet.

Fury is still getting his bearings at the beginning of the series when he sets foot on Earth for the first time in years, trying to figure out who he can trust and how he can regain his strength.

2.) Ben Mendelsohn as Talos

Since before the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home, Talos has been hiding out on Earth. He reemerges in Secret Invasion, Ben Mendelsohn’s third appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The relationship between the Skrull leader and Fury is still very much intact, but in addition to losing his wife Soren, he has also been expelled from the Skrull council and by his people.

As he assists Fury in uncovering the reasons behind his people’s malevolent takeover of Earth, the shapeshifter seeks to mend his own connections with his friends and family.

3.) Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill

After Spider-Man: Far From Home revealed that Talos’ wife Soren had been impersonating her during the entire ordeal, Cobie Smulders made her debut appearance in the MCU. Unfortunately, the senior SHIELD agent was murdered at the end of Episode 1, therefore Maria Hill’s reunion with Nick Fury in this series would presumably be her last.

On Russia’s Unity Day, Smulders’ veteran spy passed away in the midst of Vossoyedineniye Square, and unless a miracle occurs, the character’s tenure in the MCU appears to be coming to an end.

4.) Martin Freeman as Everett Ross

Everett Ross, played by Martin Freeman, only made an appearance in the Secret Invasion opening scene, but he was soon identified as a Skrull spy after falling from a lofty building and being shot by Talos.

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Since it is still unknown whether the real Everett Ross is still alive and well in the MCU, it is unclear where he will fit into the plot following Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

5.) Kingsley Ben-Adir as Gravik

The primary antagonist of Secret Invasion will be a Skrull named Gravik, played by Kingsley Ben-Adir, who was prominent in the pilot episode of the series. Gravik is in charge of a group of rebel Skrulls that have made a nuclear facility in Russia their center of operations. The aliens are still looking for a new home since the group’s commander is angry with Talos and Fury for failing to provide them with one.

By the end of the episode, he has not only set off the bomb that causes Vossoyedineniye Square to explode, but he has also assumed the identity of Fury and shot Maria Hill to death.

6.) Emilia Clarke as G’iah

In Secret Invasion Episode 1, Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones makes her MCU debut as an adult version of Talos’ daughter G’iah, who was first introduced in Captain Marvel. G’iah has sided with Gravik as an adult, but she later hears about her mother’s passing and begins to reconsider her mind.

Even though she and Fury and Talos are unable to stop the bombing in time, it is most probable that she will end up working with her father once more as she searches for a new approach to aid the Skrulls in surviving.

7.) Olivia Colman as Sonya Falsworth

Oscar winner Olivia Colman, who only got a little amount of screen time in the first episode of this Disney+ series, is joining the Marvel universe as Sonya Falsworth. Despite having ties to Captain America: The First Avenger’s renowned Howling Commando James Montgomery Falsworth, her current aims seem to be more evil since her spy nature was clearly demonstrated in this first episode.

Sonya and Fury spoke about their previous experiences, but it is obvious that she has evil motives that will be revealed before too many more episodes have aired.

8.) Don Cheadle as James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes

In this first episode of the MCU’s Multiverse Saga, Don Cheadle reprises his role as James Rhodes/War Machine and makes his second appearance as the President of the United States adviser.

Fans only see him inform the President that Fury has quit S.A.B.E.R., a new intergalactic space defense organization, in this episode, but he will undoubtedly have a greater impact on the story as Secret Invasion progresses.

9.) Charlayne Woodard as Nick Fury’s Wife

Pagon, a Skrull who was briefly glimpsed serving as Gravik’s right-hand man in a few sequences, will be Killian Scott’s debut appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

11.) Samuel Adewunmi as Beto

Samuel Adewunmi played Beto, a Skrull figure who was only briefly seen in Secret Invasion’s Episode 1 and who discovered G’iah in New Skrullos while trying to aid his people in the battle for Earth.

12.) Richard Dormer as Agent Prescod

At the beginning of Secret Invasion Episode 1, Richard Dormer’s Agent Prescod met his demise after only a few minutes on screen while displaying the study he had done on the Skrulls that have already infiltrated Earth.

The first victim on the side of the heroes was killed by the Skrull who was pretending to be Everett Ross.

13.) Uriel Emil as Poprishchin

Israeli actor Uriel Emil enjoyed one dramatic scene alongside Fury and Talos as the Skrull arms dealer Poprishchin, yet Fury caused a rift with his friend when he killed Poprishchin with two bullets to the chest.

14.) Dermot Mulroney as President Ritson

With Dermot Mulroney’s portrayal of President Ritson in Secret Invasion, the MCU will bring a new chapter to the legacy of US politics, which hasn’t been handled much outside of President Ellis in Iron Man 3.

Although fans are eagerly anticipating the handover of power between Ritson and Thunderbolt Ross before Captain America: Brave New World, he stole the show in one moment from Episode 1 as he discussed Fury’s absence from S.A.B.E.R. with James Rhodes.

15.) Tony Curran as Derrik

Only one scene in Episode 1 featured Tony Curran, who was captured on secret camera footage talking to Sonya Falsworth about the Skrull invasion while Fury, Hill, and Talos listened.

16.) Irmena Chichikova – Kreega

One of the highest-ranking Skrull leaders, Kreega, was portrayed by Bulgarian actress Irmena Chichikova. She was shown in New Skrullos collaborating closely with G’iah as the aliens assumed new human forms and kept their body doubles as prisoners.

17.) Ben Peel as Brogan

Before he assisted with the bombing, Ben Peel’s Brogan had a brief appearance in Episode 1 as one of the Skrulls’ human hostages in a scene that was frequently utilized throughout Secret Invasion’s promotional tour.

18.) Michael Epp as Ruben Steiner

President Ritson’s security detail at the White House, led by Michael Epp’s Ruben Steiner, was briefly visible as President Ritson and Rhodey discussed Nick Fury’s disappearance from S.A.B.E.R.

19.) Christopher McDonald

Despite not appearing in Episode 1, Katie Finneran is confirmed to join Secret Invasion in an unnamed MCU role.

She is well-known for her part in the popular television series Bloodline, but she also appeared in the 2020 film Freaky with Kathryn Newton, another MCU rookie from Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania.

Disney+ now offers the first episode of Secret Invasion for viewing.

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