Samuel L. Jackson Reveals Why the Avengers Won’t Have a Big Role In Secret Invasion

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Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Nick Fury, explained why the Avengers won’t play a significant part in the upcoming Disney+ series Secret Invasion.

The next “espionage thriller” for the MCU will center on Jackson’s well-known Marvel Studios character, who lives in a planet where the Skrulls, a race of shape-shifting aliens, have infiltrated.

Secret Invasion will essentially be Nick Fury’s solo series in this world of superpowers even if it isn’t explicitly called that. The purpose of the series is to give Jackson more space to explore [his character], even if Avengers characters like Don Cheadle’s Rhodey will make cameos.

However, many fans have questioned why Earth’s Mightiest Heroes did not intervene to stop the Skrulls considering the magnitude of menace they appear to be.

Less Involvement of The Avengers in the Secret Invasion

The new Disney+ series Secret Invasion won’t feature The Avengers in a significant way, and star Samuel L. Jackson explained why.

The actor who plays Nick Fury said in a recently released featurette for the streaming series (via USA Today) that because his character “lost whatever power he had before,” they sought to “solve things without being too superhuman:”

“Nick comes back having lost whatever power he had before, so we tried to solve things without being too superhuman.”

In the most recent edition of Empire Magazine, Jackson reaffirmed this viewpoint, telling the publication that in Secret Invasion, “[Nick]’s trying to solve a problem without people who have superpowers,” and “there’s a very good explanation for that.”

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In the same featurette focused on the series, star Don Cheadle complimented getting to look “at the MCU through these different lenses:”

“Looking at the MCU through these different lenses, you get to see all these different sides of the characters, so we get to really sort of dig into who they are.”

The new Disney+ series’ “Who can you trust:” is the “heart of the show,” according to Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke and veteran Marvel Studios actor Cobie Smulders.

Clarke: “This idea of ‘who can you trust?’ That is really the heart of the show.”

Smulders: “You could be talking to be somebody you have a very close relationship with and then you find out that that’s not who you thought it was.”

Why Are the Avengers Not Key to Secret Invasion?

The Avengers won’t appear in Secret Invasion, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be involved in the shape-shifting events in some way.

Fans may expect plenty of appearances because it has been hinted that the series includes many “people crossing over with each other,” but it does not imply these well-known characters will be essential to stopping the Skrull invasion.

This Nick Fury-centered adventure revolves around the question “who can you trust?” as said by Emilia Clarke and Cobie Smulders. as well as what occurs when “you could be talking to be somebody you have a very close relationship with and then you find out that that’s not who you thought it was.”

Samuel L. Jackson’s description of how the Skrulls cause paranoia and power loss makes sense in terms of why the Avengers don’t play a significant part.

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Fury might feel at ease sounding the super-powered claxons, but because he can’t be certain he is contacting the right person, the former SHEILD director has no choice but to get his hands filthy and do it himself.

On June 21, Secret Invasion will launch its six-episode Disney+ season.

You can watch the latest trailer below:

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