Ryan Reynolds Wants Deadpool to ‘Lose’ In Deadpool 3

Ryan Reynolds Wants Deadpool to 'Lose' In Deadpool 3

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Shawn Levy, the director of Deadpool 3, has revealed that Ryan Reynolds, the main actor of the movie, wants to see his character, Deadpool, “lose” in the upcoming sequel set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Unlike some other movie stars who have clauses in their contracts that prevent them from losing fights, Reynolds has no issue with seeing his character get beaten up on screen.

Although filming for Deadpool 3 was halted due to issues with compensation for writers and actors, fans got a glimpse of an epic fight between Deadpool and Wolverine before it was shut down. From the brief footage that was shown, it appears that Wolverine was dominating the fight and Deadpool was getting pummeled in a set that resembled Loki’s.


Wolverine Wins While Deadpool Loses

During an interview on The Jess Cagle Show, Shawn Levy, the director of Deadpool 3, was asked how the third installment of the franchise will feature both Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds without resorting to a 20-minute-long fight sequence with no clear winner.

Levy explained that he has a close friendship with both actors due to their grounded and generous personalities, and the fact that they share mutual interests:

“Here’s the truth. Ryan and Hugh, and the reason they’re close friends of mine is, they’re both extremely grounded, generous people and I will say one of the great luxuries for me on [Deadpool 3] is that both of them: they love each others’ jam.”

Because both guys are grounded and generous, they are always trying to help each other win, but Reynolds is particularly good at wanting Deadpool to lose:

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“Hugh is such a fan of Ryan’s and Ryan knows the opportunity that it is to have Wolverine co-star in a Deadpool movie. Both guys are always trying to set up the other to win and I’ll say this, because Ryan also was my fellow writer on this movie and is my fellow producer on this movie at every turn, Ryan is amazing at wanting Deadpool to lose.”

The reason Deadpool loses is due to his deeply flawed nature, while Wolverine’s success is attributed to his inherent strengths. Ryan Reynolds believes that what matters most is what is most satisfying to the story, rather than serving his ego:

“The truth is that Deadpool’s awesome, but he’s deeply flawed and Wolverine is Wolverine and so I’ll just say that as a 360-[degree] creative force Ryan operates from a place of ‘what’s going to be most satisfying to the story’ not from a place of ‘well, I gotta get equal number of victories and punches into the other character’.”

Shavy, who considers himself “an audience member before [he’s] a director,” feels that getting these two stars together in their most iconic roles is “a dream come true,” regardless of the outcome:

“…for us as audience members because I count myself — I’m an audience member before I’m a director — to get these two movie stars in their most iconic roles, together, is a dream come true.”

Deadpool Losing Limbs

It’s not surprising that Deadpool often loses in this franchise since he possesses a healing factor equivalent to or even greater than Wolverine himself. When compared to other popular protagonists, Deadpool’s defeats usually result in some R-rated slapstick humor, with him as the victim.

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In Deadpool 3, it’s expected that the mercenary will continue to show his admiration for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine within the film’s universe. This will probably lead to several more comical scenes of Deadpool losing limbs to Logan’s claws. However, it would be entertaining to watch Wolverine also take some hits from either Deadpool or the movie’s main antagonist.

Deadpool 3 is still scheduled to hit theaters in 2024.