Renowned NFT Artist Pplpleasr Directs New Linkin Park Music Video

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the release of its second album Meteora, Linkin Park has unveiled a brand-new music video, with Pplpleasr, a well-known NFT artist, serving as the main director. The “Lost” song was created during the recording sessions for the 2003 album “Meteora,” but it was never made public.

The song “Lost,” which was made available on Linkin Park’s official YouTube page a couple of weeks ago, demonstrates how far the group has come. The majority of its members are active in the next internet wave, which has a big impact on the music video.

The protagonist character of Shibuya’s NFT-based anime web series, Mirai, is featured in the video, which was directed by Emily “pplpleasr” Yang and Maciej Kuciara, two of the platform’s co-founders. “White Rabbit.”

The Lost video lists Kaiber, an AI start-up, as the supported studio and Shibuya as the production business for the animated video. For those who don’t know, Kaiber is an artificial intelligence studio that enables you to create animated video content depending on the information you submit.

Shibuya is a video platform that lets users acquire Ethereum NFT producer permits so they may vote on the kinds of content they want to be produced. Although though access to this content is always free, only NFT holders have the ability to control how the story is told.

Perhaps More Material Will Be Based on This Linkin Park Music Video

Anyone who has followed the Linkin Park musicians would not be surprised by the collaboration, as some of them are very active on Web3. For instance, the band’s lead vocalist, Mike Shinoda, has a sizable financial stake there. He has already made available a number of NFT products, including artwork and the mixtape Ziggurats. In addition to collecting NFTs voraciously and funding NFT-related enterprises.