MCU: Blade Reboot Gets Filming Update Amid Delay Concerns (Report)

Many people were worried that the MCU movie Blade would be postponed once more, but a comforting production update has surfaced.

At San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Blade, starring Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali, was first introduced.

Naturally, the COVID-19 epidemic struck shortly thereafter, forcing a change to the entire Marvel schedule. Blade’s production was often postponed. Shortly after that, in the fall of 2022, the project’s original director left, significantly postponing matters.

It seems like Marvel Studios is now prepared to begin production.

Blade Production Begins Soon


According to a recent report from The Hollywood Reporter, Blade actress Mia Goth will join the project in June, suggesting that the Marvel movie will have started principal photography by then.

This information is consistent with insider DanielRPK’s claim that Blade would begin filming on May 30.

Previously, Jeff Snieder asserted that the movie was having pre-production problems and might see yet another delay.

particular way in the March 9 episode of his podcast The Hot Mic, and he conjectured that the actor’s wishes were what might have been generating a little bit of behind-the-scenes conflict:

“Blade got a new director in November. Here we are, five months later, still no update on casting… See where I’m going with this stuff? Two-time Oscar winner Mahershala Ali, two-time Oscar winner, these people want things done a certain way, right? And they carry the weight to get their way, and that sometimes causes delays.”

Sneider commented on the notion that Mahershala Ali wanted specific aspects of the movie to be handled in a

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However, this latest THR report appears to indicate that everything is proceeding as planned to reach Blade’s late-May start date.

What Will MCU’s Blade Be About?
Blade will be centered on Eric Brooks, the Daywalker, supposing that the MCU’s interpretation of the character will stay at least reasonably true to the comic books. Blade has a half-human, half-vampire physiology which gives him all the advantages of a typical vampire without any of the disadvantages, hence sunlight has no effect on him.

Fans may be curious about how Marvel plans to include such supernatural beings into the MCU when it comes to vampires. However, films like She-Hulk and Werewolf by Night have clearly shown that supernatural beings like vampires are well-represented in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to rumors, the Blade film from Marvel Studios will be a historical drama set in the 1920s. Although this hasn’t been officially confirmed, don’t be concerned; if accurate, Blade would still be able to participate in any modern MCU exploits because of his slow aging.

Along with Delroy Lindo, Milan Ray, and Aaron Pierre, the film also includes Mahershala Ali, who plays the lead role, and Mia Goth. It is presently unknown what roles these actors will play.

Recent speculations have raised doubts about a role for the wielder of the Ebony Blade, but it is yet unknown if he will appear in the film for fans who are wondering if Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman will make an appearance after that Eternals tease.

The release date for Blade from Marvel Studios has not yet been announced, but it is very certainly going to happen in 2024.

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