Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion: First Plot Synopsis Officially Released

Marvel Studios just updated the official synopsis for Secret Invasion, the first Disney+ series from Phase 5 of the MCU, including fresh information about the plot that viewers may anticipate.

With a ton of fresh details emerging in advance of its recently confirmed June 21 release date, Secret Invasion appears to be positioned to become the MCU’s greatest Disney+ adventure to yet.

The highly-anticipated Skrull invasion from the comics will be brought to life in this program as Nick Fury and Talos try to prevent rogue aliens from entering and occupying the world. It is being billed as the MCU’s first official streaming crossover event.

Marvel fans are eager to see what exactly this new entry will bring to the small screen as Disney and Marvel go forward with the show’s promotional tour.

Marvel Studios Shares Secret Invasion Synopsis


Disney+ unveiled the first official synopsis for Secret Invasion alongside the debut of the brand-new trailer, describing the series as a “espionage thriller.”

You can watch the trailer below:

In order to stop the Skrull invasion and “save humanity,” Nick Fury teams up with Everett Ross, Maria Hill, and his Skrull comrade, Ben Mendelsohn’s Talos, according to a statement from Marvel Studios.

How Dark Will Disney+’s Secret Invasion Get?

With Secret Invasion being one of the darker and more mature storylines from Marvel Comics, many are hoping for a similar vibe from its Disney+ counterpart on the small screen. But considering the use of “espionage thriller” in this synopsis, potentially teasing the feel of something like Captain America: The Winter Soldier, this may be exactly what the fandom is looking for.

Also, this comes immediately after Marvel Studios unveiled the second comprehensive look at the show in a brand-new trailer. The latest trailer hinted at a world that is rapidly turning into as dangerous as the MCU has ever been as a result of the Skrull Invasion, highlighted by Emilia Clarke’s captivating character G’iah.

Secret Invasion will deliver the’spy thriller’ vibe that fans have come to adore over the years owing to Nick Fury’s work with Maria Hill and Everett Ross, coupled with some awesome new Skrull powers that were previewed.

As viewers keep an eye out for which MCU characters might turn out to be Skrull imposters, G’iah will be fighting against her own people, opening up lots of opportunities for startling revelations.

No matter how everything comes together in the end, Marvel is in for an epic event, and even the actors and crew of the show are in shock at what’s coming.

On June 21, Secret Invasion will start to broadcast on Disney+.