Loki Season 2: First Look at Owen Wilson’s Bizarre New Costume on Display (Photo)

To have a first look at Owen Wilson’s bizarre new costume you can watch the video below or read the article below the video. If you watch the video you can also scroll down and see what Loki merchandise we provide.

The Loki Season 2 costume worn by Owen Wilson received yet another update from Disney.

While it’s unmistakably different from Mobius’ typical thin ties and sport coats, this live preview offered fresh insights into what to expect when Season 2 comes on Disney+ on October 6.

A New Look at the Season 2 Suit for Mobius

Owen Wilson’s strange new outfits for Loki’s second season were on show as part of Disney’s Upfront presentation.


This exact suit has been seen by MCU fans before because the design was previously displayed in Season 2 promotional art.

Marvel Studios

However, this exhibit showed the suit as it is in reality while also disclosing its name: “Temporal Suit.”

How the Loki costume on Owen Wilson Relates to Season 1

It is unknown why Mobius and only Mobius are dressed in a TVA Temporal Suit.

However, it’s important to remember that Season 1 of Loki made several references to a person’s temporal aura.

Loki went through a TVA temporal aura-detection device in the first episode of the series, which resulted in a picture of his aura.

Additionally, in the same episode, Mobius instructed Hunter U-92 to check the Kablooie pack of gum for “any hints of temporal aura,” implying that Variants are monitored by a temporal aura.

Marvel Studios

Similar to Thor, Loki appears to be at ease in space. And if this season leads them into space, Mobius could want some assistance.

Marvel Studios has already displayed this suit, so fans will probably learn more about it in subsequent series teases and trailers.

On Friday, October 6, Loki Season 2 makes its Disney+ debut.

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