Iron Man director reveals unseen version of Nick Fury’s MCU debut

Favreau was discussing The Mandalorian’s third season with Jimmy Kimmel when the topic of post-credit scenes came up. Favreau was responsible for starting the MCU’s tradition of post-credit scenes.

In the end-credit scene, Fury confronts Tony Stark (AKA Iron Man), played by Robert Downey Jr., and challenges him to join the Avengers initiative. Nonetheless, it was still “a top-secret shoot” back then, before the MCU evolved into what it is today.

“We had to do that on like a day off, Sam Jackson came in. And I’m a fan of Sam Jackson’s – not only from Star Wars, this is before Marvel, but from his [Quentin] Tarantino films, his independent film days, so it was just a blast to have him there,” “explained Favreau.
“The eye patch, he put on the leather jacket and just having him on the set. He’s like a real geek, he loves comic book culture and sci-fi. And so he was there when I was directing him.”

Favreau also said: “I had him do a take for me – I knew it wasn’t going to be a movie – where he goes, who are you–”
Favreau was then cut off by Kimmel, who said that they actually had the clip to show the audience. Favreau remarked: “Where did you find this? This was never… this is real by the way, this isn’t a joke. We really filmed this just for fun.”
The post-credits scene’s opening shot, which begins with Jackson’s Nick Fury facing away from the camera, was then shown in the camera.
“I am Iron Man. You think you’re the only superhero in the world?” Fury declares before addressing Tony. “I’d like to talk to you about a business opportunity.”

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Tony questions Fury who the hell he is, to which Fury responds: “Nick Fury, motherf**ker.”
Favreau, Kimmel, and the crowd shared a laugh at the line, featuring the phrase that Jackson has been known for.
Because of his work on the Avengers and Star Wars films, Favreau has become something of a Disney legend. He will continue to work on Star Wars projects since, as he announced last year, The Mandalorian season 4 is currently underway.