Snoop shared his arrangements to bring Death Row into the NFT space a few weeks ago.

Sneak Dogg is bidding farewell to streamers - for the time being. Recently, a post on Reddit's HipHopHeads thread called attention to that the West Coast MC has apparently taken out practically the total of Death Row Records' catalogue (aside from 2Pac's projects) from platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music.

While nothing has been officially confirmed on his end yet, numerous clients have been guessing that the Doggfather has plans to make Death Row's music accessible only in the NFT space.

Considering the underlying news came from a Wikipedia article one individual on the string brought up that it could simply be "speculation," yet others rushed to bring up that ventures like Dogg Food, Necessary Roughness, The Chronic, and Doggystyle, among others, have all been taken out from DSPs.

"Gonna go Joker mode if Death Row's discography isn't uploaded back to Spotify in the next ten minutes," somebody Tweeted yesterday evening - opinions which were reverberated by many others as the hours went on.

Somewhere else, one more user raised the possibility that Death Row could just be going through some licensing changes, causing an impermanent expulsion, bringing up that the Above the Rim soundtrack is absent across platforms too.

"This page is also completely blank lol," they shared alongside a link to the label's Apple Music page. "Guess Snoop's purchase will be changing a few things before the albums go back up."

See what else Twitter has been talking about the mysterious disappearance of Death Row's catalogue underneath.

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