He likewise gained the Death Row Records brand, the label where he made his introduction

Snoop Dogg is making his new LP, B.O.D.R. (Bacc on Death Row) accessible by means of blockchain. In partnership with the blockchain gaming platform Gala Games, Snoop's NFT album adaptation offers three select extra tracks. The Stash Box of NFTs are accessible through Gala Music since Wednesday (Feb. 9).

"In the case of anything is steady, it's that the music business will constantly be changing," Snoop Dogg said in a proclamation. "Blockchain tech has the ability to change everything again and tip the table for the artist and the fans, and we will be right at the front of the load with this Gala Music bargain."

The Snoop Stash Boxes are restricted to 25,000 and are accessible for $5,000. The Stash Box incorporates one of the 17 track NFTs from B.O.D.R. furthermore there might be 1,470 NFTs of every track. The deal closed on Sunday at 12 PM PST. B.O.D.R. will likewise show up non-NFT style on Feb. 11.

As Snoop wanders into the NFT world, he's likewise returning to his past while planning ahead with the declaration that he has procured the Death Row Records brand, the label where he made his debut.

"I'm excited and keen to the amazing chance to acquire the famous and culturally significant Death Row Records brand, which has massive undiscovered future worth," he said in a statement. "It feels great to have ownership of the label I was part of at the start of my career and as one of the founding individuals. This is an incredibly significant moment for me. I want to thank the teams at Blackstone, MNRK, and particularly David Kestnbaum, who worked cooperatively with me over many months to make this interesting homecoming a reality. I'm anticipating building the future part of Death Row Records."

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