Apparently, it appears to be that rap music and NFTs are two businesses that were constantly bound to collide, with the likes of Snoop Dogg leading the way and Jim Jones and Method Man following not far behind.

Watch the story below:

Presently, in any case, award-winning rap star, French Montana, expects to go one better by launching the 'French Family Pass'. An ambitious NFT project that consolidates the best of the music business, metaverse, and actual world all in one gloriously non-fungible bundle.

As per reports, the forthcoming NFT will bear the cost of holders an unimaginable scope of benefits, including free entry to shows and behind-the-stage passes. It will likewise accompany shared rights to assigned future music releases and function as an avatar-shaped admittance pass to the entire French Family metaverse.

Inside this inconceivable new space, the team intends to build a gigantic rap-themed virtual community hub, including an interactive social environment where collectors can hang out, play games, go on dates, and host parties, all while experiencing state-of-the-art Web3 technology.

For the present, admittance to the inward circle remains on an invite-only basis. Thus, jump in the recently framed Twitter feed to figure out how to get involved.

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