Snoop says that you showed me how to play chess, not checkers," 

Snoop Dogg is blissful to be back on Death Row Records.

The Doggfather shared a short film on YouTube on Friday (Feb. 18) to honor his new album, suitably named B.O.D.R. (Bacc on Death Row).

The 43-minute film incorporates a few music recordings for tracks off the collection, behind-the-scenes footage of the project being made, and a couple of personal discussions Snoop had along the way.

In one scene, Snoop performs at Nate Dogg's gravesite with the deceased legend's child Naijiel Hale.

Snoop tells Hale, who raps under the name NHale, that he's pleased with him for venturing into the music game.

Snoop says that you doin' it genuine great as well and I love the way you not asking for nothing.  He continues 
 saying that you making your own path, you doin' it the same way we did it and the same way your father made it happen. He also said thus, in the soul of - we glad for ya.

Snoop closures the discussion by telling NHale he possesses Death Row now and will be "running" NHale's music pushing ahead through the notorious West Coast record label.

The "Doggystyle" MC additionally has a modest discussion, through FaceTime, with Diddy about obtaining Death Row.

"Congratulations, king. Great move," Diddy says as he cheers Snoop.

Snoop answers "You taught me how to play chess, not checkers." 

"It’s just dope to put some positivity into the whole journey we went through," Diddy tells Snoop as the two of them concur.

The two talk about doing a joint effort between Death Row and Bad Boy later on. It's genuinely an exceptional moment - considering the set of experiences between the two record labels.

According to REVOLT, only days before his exhibition at the 2022 Super Bowl, Snoop Dogg declared that he is presently the proprietor of his previous record label. He procured the label from MNRK Music Group, which is overseen by driving worldwide trading company Blackstone.

Watch Snoop Dogg's B.O.D.R. short film underneath:

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