Thor: Love and Thunder is set to feature the MCU presentation of Gorr the God Butcher, a bad guy who has pure hatred of gods. The character, who is depicted by Christian Bale, has been a consistent figure in the sequel's showcasing ahead of its July debut, and a good chunk of the promotions have previously uncovered the antagonist's frightening plan and his passion for killing gods.

Besides those, Gorr's minions had a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance in one of Thor 4's trailers, in this way prompting various hypotheses about their association with Venom. In Marvel Comics, Gorr really has an immediate connection to the well-known anti-hero, and this was the fundamental justification for why diehard fans are bringing up the conceivable association in the MCU.

Presently, another clip has arisen, further adding more proof that the MCU's Gorr could have a possible tie to Venom.

Thor 4 Features Venom-Like Villain

IGN shared another clip from Thor: Love and Thunder, exhibiting a first full glance at Gorr the God Butcher's minions.

The footage begins with a surprised Thor because of the arrival of Mjolnir, with the weapon shooting through one of the terrifying villains. The clip ends with Jane Foster's Mighty Thor as she flaunts the noteworthy new powers of Mjolnir to the God of Thunder.

The creature's design has spider-like legs and white-spiked teeth like Venom:

Gorr's terrifying minion, which looks like the Black Berserker design from the comics, has dark disgusting skin too:

Because of these likenesses, a few fans have theorized that these minions have a connection to Venom. In the comics, the creatures are made from Gorr's weapon, the Necrosword, which is a sword wielded by the maker of the symbiote, Knull:

Love and Thunder's teaser trailer previously showed a brief look at the Black Berserker, yet this full look managed to uncover a greater amount of the Venom-like elements of Thor's new foe.

The clip can be seen below: 

Will Thor 4 Include an Actual Venom Reference?

It is unclear if the MCU's Gorr will really have a direct tie to Venom, however, it's conceivable that the symbiote could be referred to in some form because of the presence of the Necrosword. Nonetheless, the fact that Marvel Studios doesn't own the rights to Venom and symbiotes in general already presents a problem. 

In any case, the MCU has a long history of not following the comics that at last worked for the certain story of the project.

Based on the design above, a few fans have hypothesized that Marvel Studios created some distance from the symbiote association since the creatures are more insectoid-like and have eyes. As brought up by Twitter user @MaximilanMarvel, the Black Berserkers could start from the Shadow Realm, an area that was at that point confirmed to be featured in the film.

On the off chance that the symbiote origins of the Necrosword are rejected, the user uncovered that the next best bet for the blade's power is Chaos King Amatsu-Mikaboshi, who is a character that has a similar dark amorphous appearance as Gorr's minions.

Given the significance of Gorr's weapon, it's sensible to assume that Thor 4 will address its origins somehow. All things considered, the MCU has a couple of choices on how it will explain how it turned into a powerful weapon to kill gods.

Thor: Love and Thunder is set to debut in cinemas on July 8.

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