Ironheart is one of Disney's forthcoming Disney+ shows in the MCU, set to revolve around the tale of Riri Williams, a tech virtuoso who figures out how to make an exceptionally progressed suit like Robert Downey Jr's. Iron Man. The lead hero will be depicted by Dominique Thorne, and her solo series boasts a stellar cast that incorporates Anthony Ramos, Lyric Ross, and Harper Anthony.

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Plot details of Ironheart are as yet being kept under wraps, however, Marvel Studios has previously confirmed that Riri Williams will initially make her MCU debut during Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The series is likewise supposed to integrate with Armor Wars, a project based on Tony Stark's dearest companion, Colonel James Rhodes.

In the midst of all the casting updates and the confirmation of Black Panther and Black Panther 2 director Ryan Coogler's contribution behind the scenes, another cluster of critical updates about the Disney+ series has arisen.

Ironheart Adds Another Notable Cast Member

Deadline shared that Good Girls alum Manny Montana has joined the cast of Marvel Studios' Ironheart. While insights regarding his character are as yet covered in mystery, the outlet noticed that Montana is a series regular opposite to Riri Williams entertainer Dominique Thorne.

Deadline additionally uncovered that Ironheart is presently filming.

Alongside Thorne, Montana joins a stellar cast that as of now incorporates Anthony Ramos and Lyric Ross.

Montana was previously featured on NBC's Good Girls for four seasons while likewise playing a recurring part in the current season of FC's Mayans MC and HBO's Westworld.

Who Will Manny Montana Portray in Ironheart?

Considering that Ironheart's story is at this point unclear, Manny Montana could wind up playing one of the show's villains or even its main villain. In view of past rumors, it's conceivable that Montana could depict either Ezekiel Stane, who is the child of Iron Man villain  Obadiah Stane, or Parker Robbins a.k.a. The Hood.

The previous casting report for Ezekiel Stane uncovered that the character is "in their 40s, brilliant, and comedic." Montana is 38 years of age, and he could reasonably effectively play somebody in their 40s for the MCU series. Moreover, the entertainer's involvement with the drama-comedy show Good Girls is additionally important since it fits with the "comedic" part of the casting sheet.

On the other side, Montana could likewise play one of the supposed "tech bros" alongside Ezekiel in the show, or Marvel could reveal him as a version of The Hood. Montana's casting may likewise indicate that the villain set up for Ironheart is finished, with Anthony Ramos possibly depicting one more villain for the MCU series.

Now that shooting is underway, there's a strong chance that set photographs could arise on the web, hence providing fans with an idea of what's in store for the Dominique Thorne-drove series.

Ironheart is rumored to debut on Disney+ at some point in 2023.

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