Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has included a flurry of projects that carry new and interesting superheroes to the roster. Probably the most brilliant star in the 2021 rookie class is Simu Liu's Shang-chi. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was a raving success with fans and box office analysts as it beat the best standards at the opening end of the week. Fans love the character, the actor adores the fans, and maybe Marvel Studios has found one more leading man to assist with conveying the franchise forward.

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Liu and the cast of Shang-Chi have broken barriers in Hollywood as they exemplify a huge leap in Asian representation in the MCU, with Liu being the universe's most memorable Asian title superhero. Liu has been pleased with this development and has been vocal about his pride in his way of life, team, and Shang-Chi.

Yet, the nature of the beast that is social media implies that each well-known individual utilizing platforms like Twitter to develop individuals will be met with controversy attempting to bring them down.

With his freshly discovered fame, Liu has rapidly acquired experience engaging in such controversy. Headline back-and-forth with the creative head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, and backlash from fans for past tweets being erased are only several circumstances the Shang-Chi star has endeavored to explore.

Simu is prepared for those discussions as he centers around controlling his narrative and being pleased with what his identity is.

Simu Liu Responds to Twitter Culture

In a new interview with Independent promoting his new book, Shang-Chi star Simu Liu discussed his new experience balancing Marvel hero-level fame with his occasionally controversial positions on social media.

Liu recognized the obligation and trials of being a public figure in this market, stressing having the option to filter through fundamental discussions and "targeted attempts to bring you down:"

"You don’t know if opinions are coming from real people, or if it’s a targeted attempt to bring you down... Being a public figure on today’s internet means being a lightning rod for people typing whatever they feel at any specific point in time."

Perceiving this dilemma is much of the time around 50% of the fight. The longing to explain thoughts and challenge harming allegations can be a fools' errand with the reactionary audience of Twitter, particularly when given the constraint of 280 characters. However, Liu feels he should talk about his truth and do all that to control his story:

"What scares me is not having control over that narrative. My nature is to want to clarify, but then the nature of Twitter is to keep it short. Opinions are formed, accusations can be made, and then you only have 280 characters with which you can respond or choose not to.”

A powerful method for mitigating unsolicited negativity and owning a social media presence is to be proudly yourself, something Liu has consistently strived for as he seems to be "a model of self-assuredness:"

“I don’t feel like I’m the hottest man in the world... but what I’m trying to be is a model of self-assuredness. The fun of being topless every once in a while is feeling like… yeah, I worked for this! I deserve to feel good in my skin! And if it happens to shatter a couple of stereotypes along the way, then sure, why not?”

Liu keeps on being active on social media and is proud of the work he and his partners have accomplished for his and their communities. The youthful star has encountered the trials of fame by fire, and he is hoping to come out the opposite end as a good example for anybody seeming to be agreeable in their skin.

Simu Liu a Star on and off the Big Screen

With such a push for new superheroes on the planet's greatest comic book film franchise, an ever-increasing number of new stars have been pushed into the spotlight of MCU fandom. While this is a little glimpse of heaven for the vast majority of working actors today, it accompanies a public opinion scene that is polarizing, best case scenario.

Simu Liu's brief time as a blockbuster superstar has been met with a small bunch of social media discussions that have tested his grit as a public figure.

Ahead of the arrival of Shang-chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Liu and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige got into a headline joust over Feige's statement about Shang-Chi being an "interesting experiment" on Disney+. Liu guaranteed that his film and his team are not an experiment but rather "the underdogs." This was answered by Fiege, guaranteeing that Liu misunderstood his statement as he expected to comment on the experimentation of the film's release in a pandemic-ridden time and not the actual film.

Feige even remarked on Liu's enthusiasm and his lack of shyness. This is only one illustration of Liu putting forth a deliberate attempt to express his genuine thoughts and control his story.

Liu was met again with controversy in the wake of erasing a few tweets condemning Mark Whalberg shortly after signing on for a project with the veteran celebrity. Liu's tweets question Whalfberg's endeavor to clear a black mark on his record after an attack involving two Vietnamese Americans. Liu answered this criticism with authority, expressing that he holds on to what he said yet hopes to participate in a moderate and significant discussion with his new costar in an attempt at professionalism. 

The tale of Liu turning into a celebrity is one for the big screen itself. Liu was pushed into the spotlight of the greatest film franchise ever and wasted no time turning into a fan #1 among Hollywood's most extensive roster of superstars. His passion for his work, fans, and cast and team have been the way to that overnight success.

Moreover, Liu's conviction to support what he has faith in while perceiving the upsides and downsides of social media makes him a one-of-a-kind case study of Hollywood achievement.

Look for Simu Liu to keep on pushing the boundaries of what many accept as business as usual. It is a frequently sought dream to be all around as publically cherished as Liu has become. In any case, this is an illustration of the trials that accompany it. The Shang-Chi star endeavors to be an example of self-awareness and being alright with oneself.

With the momentum of the MCU and Shang-Chi specifically, he will have many opportunities to solidify that legacy.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is presently streaming on Disney+.

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