Regardless of as yet being of sketchy canonicity, Netflix's Defenders Saga conveyed among the most well-known and acclaimed content to emerge from the Marvel universe. Shows like Daredevil got consistent recognition all through their run, and many have as of late been happy to see Charlie Cox's superhero, at last, getting back to the MCU.

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Earlier in the year, fans saw an extraordinary change in the way they can partake in these series when each of the six left Netflix for Disney+. Given the mature nature of the content, Disney+ needed to make a few updates to the service to add parental controls as the shows denoted the first mature content to be added domestically.

Upon the release of The Defenders Saga on Disney+, numerous viewers quickly saw a drop-off in quality contrasted with how they previously looked on Netflix. The streamer immediately guaranteed 4K versions were coming, taking note of their urgency to promptly add the shows to Disney+, and now they have at long last shown up. Well, to some extent mostly.

Disney+ Gives Some Marvel Netflix Series 4K Upgrade

Disney+ made upgrades to three of the six shows from the Defenders Saga to add 4K Ultra HD and Dolby Vision.

Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage were updated with 4K support and Dolby Vision - an HDR technology used to guarantee the content is shown as accurately as possible.

Iron Fist, The Defenders, and The Punisher all keep on showing their original versions, notwithstanding having previously supported Dolby Vision and 4K on Netflix.

What's Next for the Defenders in the MCU?

There's no clear reasoning given by Disney+ with respect to why it has taken such a long time to add the profoundly expected 4K versions of these shows to the service, yet fans will be happy to see the streamer, at last, starting to follow through on its promises in any case. Ideally, Iron Fist, The Defenders, and The Punisher get similar treatment soon.

Disney has exhibited a strong commitment to the Marvel TV shows since bringing them to its own streaming service. In addition to the fact that the shows got a broad marketing campaign prior to coming to the service, but Disney+ is still continuing to remind subscribers of their presence with updates like this, as well as having as of late held an Agents of SHIELD watch party.

At this point, there is no obvious sign of whether this commitment flags their canonicity or clues to these shows continuing in the future. Daredevil as of now looks to be set for a revival on Disney+, in spite of the fact that it stays unclear if this is a continuation of the original series or a full reboot.

Every one of the six shows in The Defenders Saga are streaming now, solely on Disney+.

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