The MCU is developing more broadly than any other time throughout Phase 4, at last including characters that were first found in Marvel TV's old Netflix shows from a couple of years back. Around the same time, Charlie Cox's Daredevil had a paramount scene in Spider-Man: No Way Home while Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin was uncovered to be the huge terrible of Hawkeye in Episodes 5 and 6. Presently, next might actually be Netflix's greatest power couple: Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.

While it's as yet a mystery if these two heroes' solo shows will be revived and made canon inside the MCU, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige utilized his exemplary expression "never say never" when getting some information about the chance in mid-2021. Likewise, taking into account how much fans appreciated seeing Mike Colter and Krysten Ritter's depiction of the two characters, their possible consideration in the ordinance MCU can't be left off the table.

In March 2022, Ritter even fueled speculations about an expected return to her job as Jessica Jones by sharing pictures of herself wearing a terribly Jessica Jones-esque ensemble for an undisclosed explanation.

Presently, she's taken to online entertainment once more with another picture that is as of now starting groundbreaking thoughts regarding a potential return three years after she last showed up on Netflix.

Jessica Jones Actress Keeps MCU Rumors Afloat

Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter took to her Instagram stories to share a selfie of her and Luke Cage star Mike Colter, starting thoughts regarding a likely reunion in a future MCU project.

This picture began some heavy talk on Twitter and Reddit from fans guessing about what the two could be doing together.

@Pollos_Hernandy shared the picture on Twitter and asked fans to wake them up to the current matter with the inscription "EVERYONE WAKE UP-."

@BuhardiMarvel used the two entertainers' characters in an inscription with the image, communicating trust that the two of them will get back to their jobs inside the MCU:

"Jessica Jones uploaded a photo with Luke Ca... Sorry, Krysten Ritter uploaded a photo with Mike Colter. It’s worth dreaming. I hope they both come back"

@MacaMaida93 inquired as to whether this was a dream materializing with the two entertainers being in the same photograph. The post additionally incorporated the exemplary image of Charlie Day's analytical board from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia with a pennant for Alias Investigation from the Jessica Jones series while asking what's blurred out on Ritter's shirt:

"Krysten Ritter and Mike Colter

Do my dreams come true and COME BACK?


@bxrzrxk noticed how the Echo showes is right now filming, sharing the picture of Ritter and Colter with the subtitle "I smell that little things are going to come in Echo"

Various remarks additionally showed up on a Reddit page highlighting the image as fans focused on the thing that might be coming with Ritter and Colter.

User u/Rotasevian involved Jeremy Renner's important line from his first scene in 2019's  Avengers: Endgame, asking Marvel "Don’t do that... don’t give me hope."

u/Nahim33 brought up the blurred pink sticker on Ritter's shirt, energetically getting some information about what the entertainer would need to stow away in the picture:

"Why did she blur that sticker? What are you hiding Krysten?????"

u/Nahim33 felt almost certain that Ritter is shooting new material for the impending Echo series, indicating that Colter could be doing likewise too.

"fairly certain she’s shooting for Echo rn."

When Will Jessica Jones and Luke Cage Return?

Now that the six series containing the Defenders adventure are on Disney+, fans are anxiously anticipating the day when those shows' leading entertainers all track down their direction into the MCU story close by the Avengers. After Cox and D'Onofrio started off that progress toward the finish of last year, all signs are highlighting Ritter and Colter probably being next in line for that distinction.

A few fans have speculated about Ritter becoming an integral factor as fast as August with the presentation of She-Hulk, letting the private investigator Jessica cooperate with a couple of the MCU's most prominent superhero lawyers. Toss in an expected reunion with Charlie Cox's Daredevil and perhaps Colter's Luke Cage in the impending Echo series, and the energy just keeps on ascending for shows like these to show up on Disney+.

While nothing is confirmed at this point for either Jessica Jones or Luke Cage inside the MCU, pictures like this one just lead to additional hypotheses and thoughts becoming completely awake about where they could get involved and repeat their heroic roles. Until further notice, be that as it may, fans can stand by to figure out more official information with regards to this issue as Phase 4 keeps on pushing ahead.

Echo is as of now shooting in front of its expected 2023 debut on Disney+. In the interim, She-Hulk starts streaming on August 17.

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