Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is here, and the world has a pristine character to become hopelessly enamored with. Xochitl Gomez made her presentation as America Chavez in the Multiversal sequel, as she looked for help from across realities from Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange. The character had been one of the most expected components of the film for some, with America having been a fan #1 on the comic page for a really long time.

Also, Chavez made her presence felt in her first MCU experience. Her powers to cross the Multiverse will doubtlessly be helpful as Marvel Studios enters this Multiversal era.

However, this was just Chavez's first at-bat. She will definitely be back, and Multiverse of Madness writer Michael Waldron has tended to what may be coming next for the character.

More America Chavez On-Deck

In conversing with Screen Rant, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness screenwriter Michael Waldron separated where he sees America Chavez pursuing her introduction in Marvel Studios' most recent.

Waldron referred to the way that Chavez is the only version of herself across the Multiverse, referencing that "she's a very significant being in the universe" and that her potential Nexus Being status would be addressed "as [Marvel continues] to investigate her story:"

"That's a good question. And I think that's the sort of thing that that I'd like to see explored in the next chapter of America's story. Clearly, she's a very significant being in the universe. Whether you want to call her a Nexus Being or whatever. I think that's all stuff that's up for grabs as we continue to explore her story."

In the same interview, he likewise tended to the difficulties of writing with the Multiverse at play. He said that they needed to make traveling the Multiverse "hard...such that only America can do it" so when in the last act of the movie when Strange was abandoned without youthful Miss Chavez, "he really was stuck for a while:"

"Just trying to figure out how we would get Strange into the third act to fight Wanda on Mount Wundagore was pretty tough. Ultimately, the solution was he would possess his own corpse. When we came up with that, it was a real eureka moment. But that was like, geez, multiversal travel is so hard. It has to be hard - it has to be an impossible thing to do, such that only America can do it. That meant when Stephen got stranded in a multiverse, in another universe without America, he really was stuck for a while. And so was I."

The Challenges of the Multiverse

It is energizing to as of now be getting little clues with regards to where the America Chavez story could go from here. She established such a major connection with fans in her debut that so many of the MCU faithful are itching to see what is next for the youthful superhero.

Also, it appears as though she will be an essential instrument in the toolbox going ahead in the MCU. As the franchise changes toward this new excursion into Multiversal storytelling, a legend whose main power is to effectively cross it will be important.

With respect to tending to her being the only America across the Multiverse, that could make for some entrancing story prospects. Teenage superhero stories ordinarily return to a single word: identity. Ponder Spider-Man, Ms. Wonder, and a considerable lot of the X-Men. These accounts are totally founded on finding a spot on the planet and sorting out exactly what makes every one of these superheroes exceptional.

All in all, a teenage hero who has acknowledged she is the only version of her across the huge Multiverse, that can make for intriguing inquiries of self-realization and posing 'what makes me so special?'

Also, to some extent up until this point, they have worked effectively of resolving that inquiry on a surface level, with America managing her powers in Multiverse of Madness and figuring out how to be a hero very much like Cumberbatch's Stephen Strange.

DoctorStrange in the Multiverse of Madness is in cinemas now.

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