Chris Hemsworth's Thor is set for a thunderous come back to the big screen this summer with July's Thor: Love and Thunder, the MCU's second film of the year after Doctor Strange 2. The sequel will likewise highlight the came-back of Jane Foster, Korg, Valkyrie, and the Guardians of the Galaxy - and that doesn't count the way that the mighty hammer Mjolnir is back in action.

Although the characters in Thor 4 will push the story forward more than anything more, having Mjolnir back in the fold is no small feat for the God of Thunder's latest solo journey. Love and Thunder will see the hammer reformed into one piece after it was squashed and obliterated by Hela in 2017's Thor: Ragnarok, however, it's as yet a secret how precisely that will occur according to the plot.

With under 90 days until Thor: Love and Thunder debuts in cinemas, the movie's promotional tour is simply beginning to start off, to a great extent through merchandise listings featuring the film's enormous cast. Presently, Mjolnir itself is in any event, getting into the action because of another collectible item that is being promoted ahead of Thor 4's premier.

Mjolnir Returns to Spotlight for Thor 4

A listing has surfaced on eBay for another Marvel Legends collectible portraying Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, from 2022's Thor: Love and Thunder.

The hammer has another take care of being completely reestablished following its annihilation in Thor: Ragnarok, in spite of the fact that there are apparent breaks and breaks all around the surface. The figure additionally accompanies a stand that can be utilized for display purposes.

The Mjolnir replica likewise also has the ability to light up, as a blue gleam emerges through the breaks over the hammer's handle alongside sounds emerging from it as well.

There is no current release date recorded for the Mjolnir model from Marvel Legends.

Mjolnir Makes Glorious Return in MCU Merch

One of the greatest subplots in Thor: Love and Thunder will focus on how Mjolnir reawakens, particularly as Jane Foster becomes deserving of employing the hammer and changes into The Mighty Thor. This collectible item just supports the ancient rarity's significance to the story that Marvel will convey, particularly as it assumed a critical part in all of Thor's MCU appearances before the last two Avengers outings.

This item ought to be the ideal piece of memorabilia for anybody hoping to observe Thor 4's hotly-anticipated premier, particularly with Mjolnir having been away throughout the previous five years in the real world.

Presently, the wait continues on figuring out how the hammer will be reforged and the way that Jane Foster will come into ownership of it, making her one of the most remarkable new heroes in the MCU. This is material that will without a doubt be teased in the film's first trailer, despite the fact that there are no signs highlighting when that may really show up yet.

Thor: Love and Thunder will premier in cinemas on July 8.

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