The Defenders and Marvel's other Netflix original shows took a remarkable action away from their streaming home to join the remainder of the MCU on Disney+. Following two years of legal hurdles and challenges, every one of the six of the street-level Marvel epics has made their way onto Disney+ to fans' pleasure, but some were left disappointed by one key flaw.

In a consistently developing technological age, both visual and sound quality has become progressively critical to audiences. While it wasn't excessively some time in the past that TVs were square and content was played by means of VHS tape, home entertainment has taken incredible steps in the streaming era where 4K displays have become progressively standard in-home setups.

With this gear now accessible to streamers all over the planet, viewers naturally hope to have the option to make the most of it to guarantee the best quality. However, as the Marvel Netflix shows showed up on Disney+, many were disappointed to find the quality was restricted to HD.

Luckily, it appears Disney expects to fix this somewhat rapidly.

Disney+ Reveals Defenders Upgrades Coming Soon

Because of a fan question on Twitter, Disney+ uncovered Daredevil and possibly the other Marvel Netflix series will get a thrilling upgrade soon to add 4K UHD renditions.

When inquired as to whether the 4K rendition of Daredevil - which was already accessible on Netflix - would be returning on Disney+, the streaming service revealed it will be "available soon." The previous Netflix series was just sent off in "HD/SDR to begin" to guarantee they could be made accessible at the earliest opportunity:

"In an effort to make this highly-anticipated content available to Disney+ subscribers ASAP, we opted to launch in HD/SDR to start, but UHD versions will be available soon. Stay tuned!"

When Will the Marvel Netflix Shows Be Available in 4K?

With the greater part of these series being streaming exclusive, their removal from Netflix left audiences with no legitimate means to see them. So it isn't shocking Disney was anxious to see them move to Disney+ as fast as conceivable to make them open to users once again, something is accomplished in only 16 days.

Audiences with the hardware necessary to partake in these shows in the upgraded quality will most likely be glad to hear this news after what was clearly a frustrating morning when just the SD and HD versions were delivered.

Given "The Defenders Saga" was at that point accessible in 4K on Netflix preceding its removal, it isn't surprising to hear it will be coming to Disney+ soon. A definite date for the delivery still can't seem to be announced yet but the update is now underway, it could arrive in a matter of weeks.

Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders, and The Punisher are streaming now, exclusively on Disney+.

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