First Look at Emilia Clarke’s Marvel Skrull Released (pictures and trailer)

Sunday night saw the release of the most recent teaser for the upcoming MCU series Secret Invasion. It also featured one of the first glimpses at Emilia Clarke’s portrayal of a Captain Marvel figure who is fully matured.

Throughout Secret Invasion’s filming, Clarke’s character remained a mystery; she was only identified as G’iah, Talos’ grown-up daughter from Captain Marvel who appears to be on Earth, a few days before the trailer’s release.

In the program, Ben Mendelsohn will reprise his role as Talos, putting an end to the cliffhangers from Spider-Man: Far From Home and Captain Marvel about Talos pretending to be Nick Fury for a while on Earth.

With the first glimpses of Clarke in her character’s alien form, fans may now get a taste of what G’iah has been up to.

Skrull Unveiled in New Photos

Emilia Clarke, who will play a grown-up version of Captain Marvel’s G’iah, first appeared as her extraterrestrial character in new Vanity Fair photos and the Secret Invasion trailer on April 2.

Marvel Studios

Around one minute and 26 seconds into the most recent series trailer, this still features Clarke as G’iah dressed as a human.

She can transform into any human form because she is a Skrull. It is unknown if G’iah is adapting to look like Clarke or if Clarke’s image represents the human form that G’iah believes most accurately represents her actual nature.

Marvel Studios

The first image of G’iah, a green humanoid-alien, was published in Vanity Fair and showed her gazing into a mirror.

What Might G'iah's Role in Secret Invasion Be?

Given the initial series previews and the comic that Secret Invasion is based on by Brian Michael Bendis and Leinil Francis Yu, it is safe to presume that the Skrulls will play a significant part in the series.

As depicted in Captain Marvel, Talos holds a significant role among the Skrulls. Perhaps his daughter took up some of his duties while he was on Earth acting like Nick Fury. It could be time for father and daughter to get back together now that the storylines of the Skrulls and humans are once more convergent.

In addition, G’iah was shown getting along well with a young Monica Rambeau on her previous appearance. With Monica’s significant part in The Marvels, perhaps viewers will be able to witness the two getting back together as adults in the future.

You can watch the latest Secret Invasion bellow:

On June 21, Secret Invasion will make its Disney+ debut.