Disney+’s Frustrating Runtime Issue Can Be Fixed by Marvel Studios’ Newest Show

Disney+'s Frustrating Runtime Issue Can Be Fixed by Marvel Studios' Newest Show

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MCU Disney+ shows have a runtime issue, which Secret Invasion could aim to fix.

The first Phase 5 series and first branded “crossover event series” from Marvel Studios, Secret Invasion, starring Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn, is scheduled to debut on June 21.

However, the show could have one more “first” that Marvel fans have requested up its sleeve.

Why a Disney+ Runtime Issue Can Be Fixed by Secret Invasion


Secret Invasion was cited in a recent report by Empire as having “six hour-long episodes,” making it the first MCU series with perhaps consistent episode durations.

The precise runtimes of this next series are still pending confirmation.

Nevertheless, if the description of “hour-long episodes” is to be taken literally, Secret Invasion may put a stop to Disney+’s policy of having certain episodes that are always shorter than others.

The typical episode duration for MCU Disney+ shows is around 50 minutes, however, there is always at least one that is under that mark.

The fact that credits occupy a large portion of an episode’s length only serves to aggravate the audience.


This topic has long been the focus of complaints. During the Disney+ runs of Loki, Hawkeye, Moon Knight, and Ms. Marvel, Marvel fans brought attention to this problem.

Marvel’s six-episode seasons also seem to be becoming shorter overall.

Here are some MCU programs with progressively lower runtimes on average:

55 average minutes for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.
Loki averages 50 minutes.
Hawkeye: 50 average minutes.
Moon Knight: 51 average minutes.
Ms. Marvel: 48 average minutes.

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For comparison, other well-liked non-Marvel streaming programs often have lengthier seasons and runtimes that average an hour.

For instance, the 10-episode first season of HBO Max’s House of the Dragon included five episodes that lasted longer than an hour, with the shortest episode clocking in at 53 minutes. Additionally, each of the nine episodes of Season 4 of Stranger Things on Netflix clocks in at more than one hour.

Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ really lengthened each show. Season 3 included episodes that lasted between 43 to 63 minutes as opposed to the half-hour they did in the first season.

At first look, the most recent season of Superman & Lois appears to be shorter when comparing Marvel superhero programs with those of DC, with an average episode length of 42 minutes.

Despite The CW’s cancellation spree, its season episode counts more than doubles that of Marvel Studios.


Fans would not only enjoy the consistency but also be more supportive of the one-hour series description if Secret Invasion really did have “hour-long episodes” or at least an average length of 50 minutes.

Additionally, it would bring Secret Invasion’s duration closer to that of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in 2021 than Ms. Marvel in 2022.

Below are the six most current MCU episodes (along with the shortest episode from each show):

Loki: Episode 3 – Lamentis (44 minutes)
Hawkeye: Episode 5 – Partners, Am I Right? (42 minutes)
Moon Knight: Episode 6 – Gods and Monsters (45 minutes)
Ms. Marvel: Episode 5 -Time and Again (41 minutes)

Why There Is A Disney+ Problem & Why There Shouldn't Be

It’s vital to remember that the network television model gave rise to the runtimes of streaming shows and their “hour-long” descriptions.

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“Hour-long” episodes refer to the customary TV time slot of one hour plus a few minutes for advertising.

This raises awareness of the show’s inconsistent episode durations, which is a concern because it is evident that this doesn’t translate to streamers or ad-free subscribers.

It also begs the issue of why, despite the fact that different runtimes demonstrate studios no longer must fill a television slot, marketing still relies on a network television reference.

It’s likely that Marvel Studios is creating a new standard with its first Phase 5 series if Secret Invasion stays true to its episode lengths.

This would not only win over fans, but it would also give character development more time, which is why these storylines are developed through a Disney+ rather than a movie.

Fans won’t have to wait long to find out whether modifications are actually being made because Secret Invasion is scheduled to premiere in the upcoming weeks.

Secret Invasion premiers on Disney+ Wednesday, June 21.

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